Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Where I can buy timerbox? 
A: From our webstore at or from your local growshop.

Q: Can I control HPS lights with timerbox?
A: Yes, It can handle heavy loads ~1000 to 1200W per socket. Total limit for all sockets is 16A / 3650W. If you're using several HPS lights, split the load for all sockets, it's best to use one socket per light if power consumption is over 600W.

Q: Can I control LED lights with timerbox?
A: Yes, but power usage must be atleast 10W or more (relays needs a little bit resistive load to turn off, so weird as it sounds but this is how it works!).

Q: Can I program timing in seconds precise?
A: Yes. There is also several quick settings (like 1 second on at every minute/hour/daily ect.)

Q: Can I automate or control humidity?
A: Yes. You can program socket on or off with 1 decimal precise from 1% to 100%

Q: Can I automate or control temperature?
A: Yes. You can program socket on or off with 2 decimal precise from 0.1°C to 120.0°C (sensor can be used in boiling water ect.)

Q: Is timerbox suitable to be used at ourdoor?
A: Yes. It's IP44 classified. Working temperature is 0°C to 55°C. But remember that it's an electrical device - so don't use it underwater.
Open socket is IP20 classified and to keep IP44 class you need to use plugs with same class. IP44 means rainproof, anyway we suggest to install device at dry place, covered from the rain.

Q: Does it have Wi-Fi/WLAN?
A: Yes, newest model has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Q: Can I use wired and wireless connection at the same time?
A: Yes, your ethernet router/switch gives own IP address for both connection types.

Q: Can I remote control timerbox over Internet?
A: Yes, but it's very recommended to use password protection. We this only if you know how to make secure connection between timerbox and your device. You might need to configure your ethernet router/switch.

Q: Can I remote control timerbox over LAN (local network)?
A: Yes and that's how timerbox is designed to work.

Q: Does timerbox has mobile app?
A: Yes and No. Timerbox software works in web browser and it's responsive website what you can use with mobile devices (phone, tablet ect.).
You can make shortcut to home screen and use it like app.

Q: Does timerbox software include API?
A: Yes. JSON API and RESTful API. There's some limits, but in short = software offers all important features and tools. Read more

Q: Is timerbox software open source?
A: Source code is closed code, but you have SSH and FTP/SFTP access to server and you can develop your own code to timerbox. Basically you can control relays and read sensor values with API. Some of code is open source what you're be able to edit. Software is licensed, click to read EULA License (End User License). You're allowed to edit and share your own code, but timerbox software is delivered with device only for non-profit usage. Sharing timerbox software source code or whole software is illegal.

Q: Why timerbox software isn't open source?
A: Our company isn't a non-profit company. We need to do profit to pay our employees' salaries. We offer premium quality services and our mission is to produce "easy to use" products and one of most important things is that - you don't need to know how to code or write code at all. If you don't write code, you can ask from yourself - why our software should be open source..? You can also discourse about open source things with us by email